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Announcement: Scope Group Asia joins SIRG as a Knowledge Partner

SIRG is pleased to announce a synergy partnership with Scope Group Asia, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malasia. Scope Group focuses on tapping into the genius of social organizations and businesses to create new ecosystems for learning, social innovation, profit-making, sustainability and growth, and will be co-publishing SIRG’s research.

This partnership aligns both Scope and SIRG’s mission of building policy agendas and entrepreneurial ecosystems that create shared value, and we’re pleased to be working together to spread knowledge globally.

SIRG Symposium “Pathways and Barriers to Social Enterprise Success” overwhelming success

On February 27, the Social Innovation Research Group (SIRG) was pleased to welcome over 55 guests to our first symposium, “Pathways and Barriers to Social Enterprise Success.” The symposium was a reflection of six months of field research, during which SIRG interviewed dozens of social enterprises, non-profit organizations, research institutes, academics and members of government. The symposium was based both on our field work, and on the observation that to accelerate social enterprise, we must consider all the players together, rather than looking at them as isolated organizations.

With audience members from each of the listed groups we have worked with, we were pleased to present what we believe was a meaningful dialogue between practitioners and stakeholders in social enterprise.

To learn more about the symposium and read our whitepapers on symposium themes, please refer to our blog.


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