Partner with Surge

Partner with SIRG

The Social Innovation Research Group (SIRG) is always looking for partners in collaborators. If you fall into one of the following categories, have your own idea for collaboration, or are just looking to learn more, please be in touch with us.

-Academic Partners

Are you a university interested in joining our research network? Our team of researchers love hearing from professors and academic institutions interested in social innovation for the purpose of research, feedback and learning sharing.

-Social Enterprises

Are you a social enterprise interested in being profiled or workshopped with SIRG? We spend a lot of time interviewing social enterprises, writing their case studies, and looking to create new networks between local practitioners. If we can help you grow your organization in any way, please contact us. (And if you would like interns through SIRG, keep reading!)

-Internship Providers

If your organization has an interest in social innovation and would like to host a SIRG intern, we’re happy to post on our webpage and connect you with our network of talent based at the University of Toronto. Your posting will also be shared with our wider audience via our site, but we’re pleased to recommend or help you in finding candidates in whatever ways we can.


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